Community Involvement

The Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd. believes that community involvement is a corporate responsibility that makes for a sustainable future. It is not only through making profits that a business achieves success but by also helping out the community it affects whether directly or indirectly. Most of the charities that the Canada Scaffold team actively supports cater to the medical, physical and emotional support, especially those helping children. We are passionate about this and we aim to gather more community support in bringing forth more aid to foundations like:

St Paul’s Hospital – Lights of Hope
Make a Wish Foundation
BC Cancer Society
Children’s Hospital
Michael Cuccione Foundation
– Local food banks
– Local churches and community

In the years 2000 and 2013, Canada Scaffold Supply has received the Silver and Gold Sponsor Awards for being the supplier of scaffolding for St Paul’s Hospital annual Lights of Hope display. There will be more participation and more rewards, but the company’s greatest joy is to see the community positively affected by our efforts to get involved and earn community support. It is through the acceptance of people that we get the satisfaction and love in our hearts. Seeing children smile because of our community involvement is the greatest reward we can ever achieve.

In the future, Canada Scaffold Supply aims to add more activities to help charities in order to create an impact to one community at a time. Whether in-kind donations like labor and equipment, or monetary donations from our employees and the company itself, our community support will continue to be a stable and unrelenting task that will always be at the top of our priorities. We hope to make a difference that will affect even the generations to come.

Community Support - St. Paul's Hospital Lights of Hope

Canada Scaffold Supply has been a proud sponsor of St. Paul’s Hospital Lights of Hope display since 2000.