Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd is a family business that was incorporated on August 26, 1974. The first two employees were Sam and Siranoush Lazarian. Sam Lazarian came to Canada in 1951. He began work as an accountant at a local scaffold company and after 5 years he left and established Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd. His motto was

"Need Scaffolding, call Sam the Scaffold Man"

He started by selling and renting imported scaffolding from Italy and Germany. Over the next few years, he began to manufacture his own scaffolding, simultaneously developing a line of Connectors "CSS Connectors" for wood and concrete construction.

The company now rents, sells, and installs frame scaffolding, shoring, tube and clamp, system scaffolding, swing stage and bleachers. We provide all the necessary engineering and comply with all Workers Compensation Regulations to ensure safety for all who install and use the scaffolding.


Thirty years later, Canada Scaffold has grown from 5 employees and one location, to over 80 employees and three locations. All locations are conveniently located on Mitchell Island in Richmond, B.C.

Sam's two daughters now manage Canada Scaffold Supply - Alice Lazarian, who has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of British Columbia and Madlene Lazarian, who has a degree in Civil Engineering from University of British Columbia and an M.B.A. from the University of Toronto. They are carrying on the tradition of providing exceptional service and high quality products to their customers.

Canada Scaffold is committed to safety, quality and customer satisfaction and is very proud of the outstanding reputation they have maintained over the years throughout the industry for ethics and quality of work.

Canada Scaffold invites you to visit our facilities and look forwards to working with you on your next project.

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