CSS Garden Featured on CTV!

The Last Word featuring Mike McCardell

For a second year in a row, CTV’s Mike McCardell featured our famous garden in Mitchell Island on his segment, The Last Word!

Watch the interview with our star gardener – Dragan, and CSS Owner – Alice. Enjoy a tour of the gardens and travel from pumpkins and tomatoes to our on-site daycare, Rainbow’s Nest Child Care!

A Labour of Love

Every year, Dragan turns industrial land into a green patch, producing hundreds of pounds of juicy organic tomatoes, zucchinis, and kale. But the list doesn’t end there! Add on peppers, peas, cabbages, potatoes, onions and eggplants along with the tastiest Russian garlic in town! Herbs flourish amongst the vegetables and this year we’ve seen a delightful crop of grapes!

As Dragan says, he’s making “Mitchell Island Green Again!”