Don’t Put A Ring On It: Jewelry Safety in The Workplace

Picture this: An operator is using a milling machine when his ring gets caught on the cutter-head. Three of his fingers get cut off. A driver jumps off his work truck, not realizing that his ring got hooked by a protruding mechanism of the truck. His ring finger gets ripped off. A...

Hand Injuries in Numbers

In its efforts to foster occupational health and safety (OHS) in Canadian industries, the Ministry of Labour provides annual statistical information with preliminary analyses to stakeholder groups which includes but not limited to employers under federal jurisdiction, the academic and research sectors, health and safety organizations, workers’ compensation boards and the general...

The Right Gloves For The Job

A glove could be a simple tool to protect your hand but it could be something more than that, it could be a means to save your life. It is important for workers who are at risk to protect their hands with the right safety gloves for the job. This would also...

Harmful Effects of Hand-Arm Vibration

Industrial workers operating hand-held vibrating tools are prone to a health condition called Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). HAVS is the effect of vibration in tendons, muscles, bones and joints which eventually affects the nervous system. The condition worsens when hands are exposed to the cold. Basically the symptoms of HAVS are: –...
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