Canada Scaffold Supply Scaffolding Tower

Canada Scaffold Supply Scaffolding Tower

Scaffolding are temporary structures used to support people and materials used on construction sites. Canada Scaffold Supply manufactures, sells, rents and installs a complete line of interior and exterior scaffolding products.

All scaffolding install services are provided by highly skilled professional erectors. Throughout the Lower Mainland, Interior BC and Vancouver Island, every Canada Scaffold Supply Scaffold Installer has been trained in all aspects of scaffolding erection and safety. Most of our erectors are long-term employees, some with as many as 20+ years of experience.

All Canada Scaffold Supply products are deemed 100% safe and have been thoroughly tested by professional engineers. Stamped engineered drawings are available for all scaffolding products.

Please refer to Exterior Scaffolding Guidelines for safe set-up and dismantle procedures.

CS1 Light Duty Scaffold

CS1 Light Duty Scaffold

The newest addition to our scaffolding product assortment, CS1 Light Duty Scaffold unit is similar to the Baker scaffold, but more superior because of our Outrigger System and the Advance Guardrail System which provides extra safety while assembling, dismantling, and while the scaffolding is in use.

Download CS1 brochure & manual here.


 Advance Guardrail System

We are currently the only company in Western Canada using the Advance Guardrail System, which prevents falls during erection and dismantling. Its prefixed guardrail is set at working height before the scaffolder enters the working platform to install permanent guardrails. Lightweight, easy to handle and providing maximum flexibility and safety when in use, Advance Guardrail works with any two-inch tube system.

The Advanced Guardrail System offers the best solution:

  • Safety in scaffolding construction
  • Legal security
  • Lightweight aluminum is easy to maneuver
  • Designed for use by one man
  • Telescopic – adjust automatically during re-positioning
  • Fast and secure re-positioning of post from two positions, above and below working platform
  • For increased protection the AGS is fitted with double guardrails
  • Designed for ergonomic ease of use
  • Fits bay width from 5’2″-10’2″ (1.57m-3.07m)