Canada Scaffold Supply Shoring

Canada Scaffold Supply Shoring

Shoring is a general term used in construction to describe the process of supporting a structure in order to prevent collapse so that construction can proceed. In this situation vertical supports are used as a temporary replacement for the building columns or walls.

The Canada Scaffold Supply team includes design specialists with experience in shoring design for residential and commercial buildings, underground parkades and renovation projects. We guarantee the most cost effective shoring equipment for the job site according to the contractor’s specific requirements. A complete inventory of shoring equipment is always ready for delivery to meet any customer’s requirements.

Our shoring department specializes in suspended slab support shoring for low rise building as well as fly-form tables for high-rises. The shores range between 4’0″ up to 18’0″. Aluminum beams from 5’0″ to 30′ in length and 4 x 6 in lengths from 4’0″ to 14’0″ are also available. Accompanied by engineer safety stamp and drawings all CSS products are tested and 100% safe. Inspections provided if required.

Shoring for Concrete Framework – Safety Guidelines

Shoring safety is everyone’s responsibility! Everyone’s safety depends upon the proper erection and safe use of shoring. Inspect your shoring before each use to see the assembly has not been altered and is safe to use.

Follow all provincial, local and federal codes, ordinances and regulations pertaining to shoring.

Inspect all equipment before using. Never use any equipment that is damaged, severely rusted or is missing locking devices. Any component which cannot be brought into proper alignment or contact with the component onto which it is intended to fit shall be removed and replaced.

A shoring layout will be available and used on the jobsite at all times.

Inspect erected shoring and forming for conformity with layout and safety practices prior to pour, and after pour until concrete is set. 

Consult your Canada Scaffold Supply representative when in doubt. Shoring is our business. Never take chances. 

Final Inspection

Be sure that:

  1. There is sound foundation under every leg.
  2. All base plates and screw jacks are in firm contact with foundation.
  3. Every component (including exterior bracing) agrees with the shoring layout as to type, span, number, location and size.
  4. All shore pins are properly installed and fully seated.
  5. All frames are plumb and braced to form towers and/or all posts are plumb and braced as required by user instructions.
  6. All form-work follows forming layout and horizontal beams fully bear on their supports.
  7. All clamps, screws, pins and other fasteners (including locking devices on adjustable beam) are closed, tightened or engaged.