We supply two types of VIP Deck / Stage systems.   

The first system is based on system (or ring) scaffolding and has very diverse applications which integrate seamlessly with our other scaffolding structures.  We typically use this system for large, and most of our outdoor builds.  Stages and decks that are required to bridge obstacles, stand on uneven or sloped ground, or require cantilevers are usually built with our system scaffolding stages. 

The second system is based on Steeldeck.  We generally use this system for indoor applications to mitigate weathering/ wear and tear to the decks themselves.  Steeldeck has a finished presentation which can stand alone without the requirement of skirting in many cases. 

Both systems have a clean finish and are barely distinguishable from each other once installed and skirted. 

With Steeldeck, we can provide a platform as small as 2’x4’, and our smallest system scaffolding stage can measure 4’x4’.  Their minimum heights are 7” and 10” respectively.  Heights ranging between 1’ and 15’ are common but we can match any height requirement to a 16th of an inch. 

We currently have a stage deck inventory capacity of more than 40,000 square feet and growing. 

Steeldeck is rated at a minimum of 125 lbs per square foot, while the system scaffolding stages are rated at a minimum of 100 lbs per square foot.  Both systems can be reinforced/configured to load specific requirements which can exceed these basic ratings by factors of ten and greater.

These requirements are often property, usage and district-specific.  Our estimators will be able to let you know when these items are needed and help to provide options to help you go without, where possible.  

Our primary service area is the Lower Mainland though we have detachments on Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan.  Note that during non-peak season periods we are much more flexible with our service range than from May through September.  

Our standard installation hours are 7am to 3:30pm, Monday to FridayWe can operate outside of this window, however overtime charges for labour will apply.

Some basic installations can be built by clients, though most builds require certified technicians for safety and liability purposes.  We’ll guide you to understand when each circumstance will apply

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