Main Hazards of Scaffolds

More than half of scaffold accidents in construction are falls, and even a number of these caused fatalities. The statistics only highlights further the value of safely using scaffolding. Here are several hazards to watch out for when using scaffolding: Falls from elevation  This is the most common scaffolding hazard. Preventing falls...

Essential Elements of Safe Scaffold Construction

Two out of three construction workers perform some part of their job on scaffolding. Among the many types of scaffolding, the most common in the construction industry is the fabricated modular frame which is easy to assemble and offers height adjustments depending on the task at hand. While most scaffold-related accidents happen...

5 Basic Guidelines on Scaffolding Safety

In December 2009, 5 workers fell off the scaffold they were working on at an apartment building in Etobicoke, Ontario. The accident resulted in four deaths with the fifth suffering serious injuries because these workers were improperly protected: the four were not wearing lifelines and the lone survivor donned a malfunctioning one....

Workplace Safety: The Empathic Communicator

Improving safety communication in the workplace is one of the most effective methods in fostering a safety culture and preventing occupational injuries. Being able to “speak up” upon noticing a hazard or risky behaviour would be more beneficial and even cost-effective to the organization than managing accidents and work-related illnesses. It is...

Why It’s Important To Hire A Safety Specialist

An effective safety and health program forms the basis of worker protection and could save the organization valuable time as well as increase productivity. Developing this program may be less daunting if the services of a certified Safety Specialist is sought out. What Is A Safety Specialist? Occupational health and safety specialists...
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